Super like. Thanks for writing this, Karthik. I enjoy reading whatever you write.

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Feb 20, 2023Liked by Karthik S

Nice start - keep them coming!

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I could relate to all of it - the flow, the non-finisher, extreme focus. I recently came across this tweet from ADHDJesse - "My time is 50% not working, 50% frantically trying to make up for the not working part". Keep it coming!

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Interesting read! Could totally relate to the comments on the math booklet in particular :)

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Hey Karthik,

I've been thinking to write to you (on twitter) but since you've reached me (via substack) I will write it down here.

I actually read your 2019 article on 'type of batsmen' and had mentally noted it as 'good classification' but did not appreciate you directly.

It is 2023, I am playing cricket occasionally on the weekends with colleagues and I am recommended to install an app so that it is easier to track scores. I install it and notice the batsmen classification the first thing (as I envy the big hitters records in my cricket team)

So, hey Karthik, even if I did not appreciate you then, your work has come back to pinch me. It classifies me as a 'classicist' and man am I struggling to move out of that classification !

But that was a good one mate! And I hope too see more of such insights from you. Cheers!

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hahaha! it's interesting how one new newsletter gets comments about an old and now defunct newsletter!

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